Our People

Music Director

Barbara McSkimming

Barbara has been with RECHOIRED since its inception. She has worked as a primary school music teacher, consulted with the Music Branch of South Australia, sang with the South Australian Opera Company, taught singing and has also worked in the music ministries of a number of churches.

Barbara is passionate about the physical, emotional and mental benefits of singing and creating music together. She believes everyone can sing and that making music together unites and uplifts people.

Barbara loves walking along deserted beaches, good coffee, photography, beautiful gardens and spending time with friends and family.

She has two adult sons, with five precious grandchildren.


Tracie Price

After watching Battle of the Choirs on TV and seeing how exhilarated people were after singing together, and also how singing brings together a community of like-minded people, Tracie and a few friends formed RECHOIRED. 

Eleven years on Tracie is still passionate about the choir.  As Choir Secretary she holds everything together and is a wonderfully efficient and cheerful administrator. She loves the new friends she has made through the choir and the fun times the choir has together.  

Tracie enjoys her work, walking, being with her wonderful family and friends, and walking with her dog.  


Roxanne Viggiano

Roxanne has been with RECHOIRED since 2016. Roxanne loves a wide variety of musical styles and has played piano and keyboard in everything from professional music theatre to punk bands, classical concerts, and also community theatre productions.

Roxanne enjoys playing the varied repertoire of the choir, and occasionally railroads them into silly warmups. She loves the general camaraderie and warmth of Wednesday rehearsals, and particularly enjoys helping the choir improve and master the songs.

She enjoys solo overseas travel, festivals of all sorts, composing, chai lattes, spa treatments, movies and yoga.